01/01/2020 ISOLKENAF is a BIOSAFE certified product

The Biosafe validation seal is an authoritative and guaranteed trademark to evaluate a construction product through a process of analysis of the certifications already held by the manufacturer, the study of the performance related to the related "active" and / or "low-emissive" technologies and a possible diagnostic study in order to extrapolate the real product characteristics related to Indoor Air Quality.

Biosafe certifies the analyzed product and guarantees it by affixing the validation seal to the product.

BIOSAFE AND CAM The Biosafe Validation Certificate of the ISOLKENAF panel of kenaf and hemp also includes the following declarations:

- ISOLKENAF meets the minimum environmental criteria (CAM) of the GPP (Ministerial Decree 11/10/2017) referred to in the chapter "Internal Environmental Quality" point and the relative table;

- the ISOLKENAF product falls within the A + certification class relating to the French legislation pursuant to Decree 321/2011;

BIOSAFE AND QUALITY CERTIFICATION PROTOCOLS The Biosafe validation mark is recognized in the certification contexts linked to the indoor air quality of the protocols: CasaClima (Hotel, School and Nature), ARCA and ClimAbita (EcoLife Home). Within these protocols, Biosafe validation is considered as a mark of compliance with the product performance requirements required in the aforementioned certifications.

Biosafe validation seal


Italy always first in Europe but is losing ground compared to other European countries.

The European Commission presented in December 2015 the "Circular Economy Package", then approved in March 2017 by the European Parliament, which has now established the objective of making Europe more competitive by minimizing waste and maximizing the value of resources. through reuse and recycling.

The circular economy is a system that aims to minimize the waste of resources that cannot be renewed. Unlike what happens according to the linear economy model, the Circular Economy is a model in which "the value of products and materials is kept for as long as possible; waste and the use of resources are minimized, and resources are maintained within the economy when a product has reached the end of its cycle, to be used again and again and to be able to generate additional value".

Our insulators come from natural sources and / or recycling sources. At the end of their life cycle they are all recyclable, creating new products and encouraging the use of renewable resources over time.

Naturally Kenaf

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